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Communication technology is the exchange of information (Data). The processing of information can help people make decisions, solve problems, and control machines.

In Rowther, we believe that the new trending communication technologies are made the modern life more ease, raises the standard of living, and less stressful than it was in the past.

Rowther ICT team provides consultancy and management support services for telecommunication and IT projects undertaken for government, industry, transport and commerce.

We design systems, processes and infrastructure for operators’ communications networks, and integrated systems for major users.

Our approach is focused mainly on the next generation communications network, associated technologies and principles such as convergence and open access to provide value engineering to clients.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of the rapidly changing telecommunication technologies, which is essential to ensuring maximum benefit is achieved in operational and financial terms.

Rowther has also undertaken numerous due diligence reviews for public and private organizations to ascertain the suitability of their LAN/WAN infrastructure for IP convergence and to understand their business processes to ensure that the IP communication systems installed provide true business value.


From strategy to systems integration, the Rowther ICT team provides expert services in technologies such as:

  • Data networks (LAN, WAN, MAN)
  • Voice networks; PBX, VoIP,
  • Copper/optical cabling systems
  • Radio networks; broadband, WLAN, 2G/3G, PMR
  • Active Networking
  • Wireless Networking Design
  • C3 systems, control rooms, and Man, Machine Interface (MMI).