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Fire and Life safety systems are composed of elements that help ensure the safety of a building’s occupants during an emergency.

Rowther specializes in designing the various fire and life safety services, which is an engineering discipline that exists to protect people, property, and the environment from fire.

We use the latest technology developments to set the bar higher with systems that are more configurable, more scalable, and more automated to help you protect your people and your assets.

Our engineers and consultants draw on their in-depth knowledge of fire alarm and emergency communications technology, interfaced building fire safety systems and equipment, and construction-related issues to assess, plan, and design complex fire alarm and emergency communication system projects.

Our experts are active in the International Code Council and National Fire Protection Association codes and standards development process

We provide design solutions which are easily constructed, responsive to the environment and efficient in their use of materials, energy and space.

Our fire engineering skills have been developed to design safe buildings but also to deliver viable creative solutions to the modern built environment.

Our approach to the design is to assess each building individually and tailor the fire safety measures to suit the specific hazards in the building.


  • Fire Detection and alarm System
  • Public address and Voice evacuation systems
  • Disabled Toilet alarm Systems
  • Emergency communication Systems
  • Emergency Lighting system
  • Fire Command Center
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detection systems
  • Gas Leakage Monitoring System